Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Introducing Coorah and Caleb

(Photos (c) & Text courtesy of owner)

We would like to introduce you to Cardigan Welsh Corgi's 
Coorah and Caleb

Owned by group member Henrik Skov from Denmark

Coorah and Caleb AKA The Dynamic Duo of Denmark are 2 years old December 2015, we call them The Dynamic Duo because they always are in motion, especially when we are at the beach, they love the beach like most dogs do.

They are siblings from the same litter at a kennel in the very eastern part of the mainland in Denmark. 

They both tried to herd sheep a few times, Coraah was good at it, she thought it was very exciting, Caleb was less impressed by the white fluffy wool creatures ☺

They are both very social with other dogs and people we love them very much, they are so great dogs <3


  1. So beautiful page with your lovely dogs. I am so proud to know them and you and your sweet wife in person. You are so great to make thees pictures/pages. I just love it! <3

    1. Thanks a lot Vibeke :-) the honor for this blog is not mine.... it goes to Lottie ;-) having said that, my wife and I are very happy to have kind people like you amongst our friends <3