Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Gizmo's Memorial

Photos & Text courtesy of Gizmo's owner Debra & Steve Benson 
(c) Click photos to view larger 

In Memory of Gizmo 

Hi this is Gizmo our beloved Corgi/ Collie who came to live with us in 2004 when his owner died and left us to cause havoc at the Rainbow Bridge in March 2012 at the ripe old age of 17 years. Gizmo is forever in our hearts

During Gizmo's eventful life he managed to scales a 6.5ft fence surrounded by privets and also have a fight with a Renault Megane Obviously the car won and Gizmo suffered multiple injuries and in the process lost his beautiful Cardi tail...

This did not stop our lovely boy, after spending six months in a crate and several operations he was nursed back to health by his Mummy Debra...
Our lovely little man made a fantastic recovery and started to compete in agility at our local dog club, he loves it and got so excited barking happily around the course ... Another one of Giz's pass times was dressing in fancy dress this is him at the club Christmas party with Mum Debra. Gizmo was an advent calender

Gizmo was also chosen to make his debut as a model in the Argos Catalogue along with his little puppy sister Pearl

Gizmo over the years earned himself the nickname Saint Giz by Debra 's best friend Margaret who had quickly sussed that any skirmishes in the home between the doggies were NEVER GIZMO'S FAULT!! hehe....
Gizmo loved and lived life to the full and there was never a dull moment with him around. He loved to okay in the garden with his lovely brothers and sisters, go to the beach and have fun playing ball in Daisy Nook country park.
This picture was taken in Gizmo's favourite place Werneth Low country park this was his last visit before we said goodbye to our little man and we had a lovely day playing with his ball and having lots of cuddles. 
Loved to bits and missed forever this is Gizmo's memorial blog 
RIP sweet boy xx

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  1. What a little character!! The bit about him barking his way around the agility course makes me laugh - what a love for life he had! Great tribute to a great dog :)